Presidential Charisma

After observing a long-winded presidential election, I took some time to observe how Mr. Trump landed his dream job- as President of the United States. We, as a country (via electoral votes), elected an individual that promotes change and novel policies to move the country forward. With that said, the 45th President of the United States has different experiences that makes him qualified, possesses an IV league education, and  seized a different path to success, when compared to his successors. He took an eclectic road to his career and was undoubtedly successful. This leads me on a quest to the answer this question: Is it possible to win over a recruiter with just stellar charisma, with no quantifiable facts, degrees, or experience? The perfect resume gets you in the door and lands you the interview, education and experience gives you the credentials, but is charisma the deciding factor to land that dream job?


The presidential race has been a roller coaster and Trump used innovative approaches to rally the masses in his favor- even when he was considered the “black sheep”.  Most voters saw Trump as “unqualified” in comparison to Hillary. The strategies he used to differentiate himself from his opponent was nothing far from genius. One tactic he maneuvered was wooing all attention at all costs, even if the attention was not so favorable. This tactic can be mirrored, by listing all of your social media feeds on your resume.  Showing that his Hillary’s extensive experience, only lead to unfavorable results under her watch, and that his skill set was transmutable, made him look creative and appealing. His “out-of-the-box” ideas excited the American people (recruiter). A video resume, embedded in your resume photo can emulate this tactic. In addition, doing research on your competition via LinkedIn, can give you a birds-eye view on how your competition will perform against you during interviews. Another perfected tactic used was to avoid having to answer for an issue (like termination), by keeping the people (recruiter) pensive and focused only on accomplishments and their awe-inspiring personality

John Antonakis, writer for Harvard Business Review said,   “Let’s be clear: Leaders need technical expertise to win the trust of followers, manage operations, and set strategy; they also benefit from the ability to punish and reward. But the most effective leaders layer charismatic leadership on top of transactional and instrumental leadership to achieve their goals.” The power to influence other is a gift that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Politicians know the importance of this trait and practice it daily. So what are some qualities of a charismatic person? Here’s three to master:


1. Tell Great Stories- Keeping recruiters engaged and entertained, to make you unforgettable.

2. Emotional Control- Not flying of the handle and the ability to turn charm on an off when appropriate.

3.  Practice Deflection, Delays, Denial and Dividing- Deflection/Turn the tables if you can; Delay/ Buy more time; Denial/ Refuse to admit; Divide/ Separate groups over controversial issues.

4.  Show Veracity, Authority and Desire - Show the best of your moral fiber, it minimizes the feeling of disappointment and demotivation.

5.Sync your Voice, Body and Face Expressions- Use uniform gestures (hands) stance (posture) facial expressions and bring it all together to make the most of your interview opportunities.

Practice projecting charisma with a friend, mentor or video tape yourself, to receive honest feedback. The goal isn’t to employ all the tactics in every conversation but to utilize a balanced response. With time and practice, they will commence to emerge on the fly. Understanding all of the different ways you can use charisma to your advantage, as well as knowing how to respond to opposition, makes you a very strong candidate. What's more, it gives you a good shot at truly landing your dream job.