I’m qualified. Why didn’t I get the job?

One of the most sizably voluminous things that makes me cringe, is to witness a customer land interviews, after they had their resume revamped by Resumes Today, then are not able to land their dream job. Recruiters show interest in a candidate, by inviting them for an interview, but if that bridge cannot be crossed, so an employer can unaccountably see that you’re a good fit, it can backfire, wreak havoc on ones confidence and lead to a path of ravagement. Many wonder why they weren’t hired, when they felt they knocked the interview out of the ballpark- but it’s more immensely colossal than the interview. One piece of advice that I received from my mother when I was five years old, and still remains true today is that, “You are being judged from the minute you enter the building.” From the doorman, receptionist, even individuals in the elevator to the employer that you’re scheduled to meet, you are being judged. Smile, and act like you are the President of the United States and that everyone else is the “American People”. From the time you are called to come into an interview, your posture, competency to organize, listening, attentiveness, charisma, style, reliability, dedication and moral fiber is scrutinized, discussed, compared and is on the chopping block for the entire company to decide upon.


The devil is in the details. Your business attire is being scrutinized, from the neck collar stitching, to the bottom hem. Wearing an infelicitous outfit to a job interview will obstruct your chances of making the impression you authentically deserve. Ladies, keep your hair out of your face- utilizing a simple barrette or bobby pin is a fine solution. Also, avoid looking clownish or like you are dressed up to go out with your make up. Gents, wearing a solid dark colored suit, white or light blue shirt, and a solid colored tie is best. You'll optate to pair that with matching ebony or brown shoes and belt.  Everyone can achieve the polished look with a suit/blazer, professional bag, professional- looking shoes, and conservative accessories. Everything must look clean, wrinkle-free and conservatively fresh.



Your attire is critical, but how you sound is often more paramount. Filler words kill your credibility and make you sound unwise. When you speckle a discussion with "hopefully," "perhaps," "I feel," "scarcely" and "marginally," the message you convey is diffidence. Utilize power words such as "I recommend,” "I'm confident that," "my track record shows," "I take the position that," " or "my goal is." The language you utilize gives the listener an impression about your caliber of poise and certainty. Your tone and speech flow should also mirror your counterpart. John E Welch JR., Chairman AND CEO of General Electric said, “Real communication takes countless hours of eyeball to eyeball, back and forth. It means more listening than talking. It’s not pronouncements on a videotape, it’s not announcements in a newspaper.” Learn the industry terminology and update your “interview” script to ensure your words are not outdated or outlived their “shelf life”.



Our attention span, on average, fades after 8 minutes, which denotes that you require to make an immense impact with fewer points. Being prepared to discuss three main points gives you an outline and helps you come across clear and brief. Do not, under any circumstances arrive late to the interview. Do your homework and research unique information about the position. Be insightful to how you are different from other job candidates and exhibit positive energy and exuberance throughout your interview. Take the time you require to present yourself well and most of all, be yourself. Lastly, make sure to thank the interviewers for their time before you leave the room. A simple thank you can make all the difference.

Many wonder why they weren’t hired, and it has a lot to do with whether you’re not polished, sloppy or if you’re forgettable. Sometimes, their just not that into you or the CEO decided to hire and place his nephew into the position, instead of combing the job market. Make sure you follow all of the directions in the job description and bring your best foot forward. Each interview is a chance to pitch your strengths to a company, so show them your best attitude, have realistic expectations and proofread all interview documents, as they should be just as flawless as your resume, purchased from Resumes Today