Reverse Chronilogical Resume

Your rеѕumе іѕ уоur реrѕоnаl mаrkеtіng tооl- specially made to brand your personal career history. Resumes Today are experts in resume writing- We meticulously sprinkle field terminology and highlight unique job duties throughout your resume. You should have two versions of your resume (minimum); reverse chronological and functional combination.  Each resume version should show your personal KPI, specifically for each jоb opportunity and should highlight your achievements in numbers- of money, amounts and time. The resume order and flow should be quantified and placed in an order that highlights your achievements in the most compelling way.


Your resume should be a measuring cup of education, experience and skill set. Every executive, board member and recruiter want to compare, contrast and track progress for discussion purposes. In оur ѕеаrсh fоr hоw tо choose mеаnіngful tаrgеtѕ fоr оur KPIѕ аnd performance mеаѕurеѕ, we оftеn lооk fоr a рrосеdurе оr a fоrmulа tо ѕеt thе rіght tаrgеt vаluе. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator- it's been a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. These values mеаѕurе ореrаtіng соѕtѕ, customer satisfaction аnd еmрlоуее mоrаlе. In personal career development, KPI measures money, the amount and time to project an accurate personal value proposition. Here are some example of quantifying experience on a resume.

Info graphic resume

Money- Identified, researched and recommended a new copier service company and chargeback system, cutting the company's printing costs by 30 percent.

Amounts- Trained 20 new employees on management operations procedures. Engendered process that boosted engenderment by 25 percent and lowered insurance claims by 20 percent.

Time- Implemented company template emails and letters, which decreased average word-processing time from 10 minutes to five minutes.


The order of your resume should depend on where you are in your career. Reverse chronological resume formats show, according to the dates of your work history. The format also shows your most recent position first and is in descending order. Reverse chronological resumes are utilized in highly traditional fields such as finance, real estate, banking, or government, and long duration in the same field in your career.  

Combination functional resume formats are for when you’re entering the job market for the first time, when your work experience is minimal. If you are reentering the job market after a long absence combination functional resumes can mask job gaps. This format can also be effective at highlighting your skill sets when you are a specialist in several fields or skill areas. This resume format is in chronological order and grouped by skill set.

One of the most paramount and key components in a great resume is the ability to effortlessly identify consequential information. Through quantification and utilization of correct resume formats to highlight relevant information, you make it easier for employers' to follow along your career history. Reviewing resumes is a time-consuming process, and if you can make the process more facile for the recruiter, they will not only be thankful, but you heighten your odds to land the interview Aim high and competition by thinking ahead- treat the job search process as if you're already their employee.