Rules of Interview Attraction- Its A Job Getting A Job

By Victoria Johnson 2/19/2016

Let’s face it, 60% of Americans know that they are over qualified and underpaid, and do absolutely nothing about it. 20% actively try to cleverly dig out of the rabbit hole that they’ve managed to put themselves into, but quit trying to change their circumstances after a few walls are put in front of their goals- or just lack the ambition and drive to push against all odds. The rest of the population are crushing it, moving up the corporate ladder, opening up small businesses, becoming the next world leaders, inventors, and public speakers- living out the exact definition of a Millennial.

Why do some get the best interviews, opportunities and job offers? Is it luck? Absolutely not. Striking looks can get you so far and the illusion of a great speech, or a dazzlingly pair of shoes wears off eventually, like chewed up bubble gum. Is it education? Slightly, and the only reason I don’t completely shut this notion completely down is because only if your wise enough, you will consider a degree as a guideline of what not to do, as you can learn not to repeat others mistakes.

I have cherry-picked a few strategies that  have worked for people who, on the outside, look as if they have a guardian angel watching their every move. These are time proof strategies on how to attract  interviews, and it has nothing to do with education or experience.

1-      Networking- A good word from an esteemed individual can build bridges over obstacles. Name drop whenever you can. It shows your catalog of associates and shows your better playing card hand. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you simply do not exist in the business word as a stand-alone entity and will always be seen as the employee of a company. Take a minute, hop off of Facebook and update your LinkedIn profile. Its’s 2016, 50% of most job leads come from LinkedIn.

2-      15-Second Elevator Pitch-  People don’t have time to hear your life story- keep it short, accurate saying who you are, what you’re good at, what job you’re suited for and how someone can help you land a job interview.

3-      Flawless Resume- Your resume goes through countless hands and machines. Recruiters are looking for reasons to throw your resume in the trash. Do not give them a reason. Your resume must show fluidity, charisma, knowledge about the position at hand, and it must make the recruiter feel like their getting a overly qualified candidate that is attracted to the company’s  growth opportunities.

Not taking things personal can go along way. Controlling your emotions; as answering challenging questions under pressure with ease is a trait that is rare and is highly desired in the corporate world. Mirroring one or two mannerisms from hire executives can show that your body language can adapt to the each work environment. Also using the least amount of words when speaking and thinking before you speak, instead of responding off of impulsion can shows poise, as recruiters will want to know more about you.

Research everything you can about the company, as if you’re the hunter and they’re the prey. Don’t spill all of the information you know about them in one shot. Know when to reveal knowledge and when to hold it to reveal at a later time. Know when to smile, and practice your smile, so you know how show a sarcastic or dazzling grin on cue. Your hands are very important directional tools- and should be used while you speak to emphasize and play down your words; hands also provide visual support and open up the imagination. It’s all about doing what’s right, building great relationships and aiming high.

Practicing and consistently working on networking, apply to jobs, perfecting your 15- Second Elevator Pitch and providing a flawless resume brings to interviews. When its show time and your name is called to step into the conference room, it’s your time to show what you can bring to the table. Nail it, and don’t take it personal if the interview doesn’t go as planned. See if you know or can arrange to meet someone who works there. If a company has an employee referral program there is added incentive for someone internally helping you get a job interview.

And as they say in show business, break a leg ( Good Luck)  ;-)