Branding Your Resume to Land Your Dream Job

By Victoria Johnson 6/29/2016

Boring resumes don't make the cut anymore, and FYI, if your still sending out generic resumes, your boring the hiring manager to death. Your competition is light years ahead of you if you are still sending out resumes with the same formatting used in the 1990's. If you've formatted your resume using a downloaded Microsoft Word pre-formatted template, then it's safe to say that your intention is not to land a career with a company that is up with the times and cares about details. Whether you’re job-hunting, working for someone else or working for yourself, researching your competition by googling resumes in your field is a must, so you can get an idea of what your competition is submitting, so you don't keep submitting resumes blindly- wondering why your not getting called back. 

That is why branding your resume is so important. It is organized originality that captures you and what makes you different on one page. When you write a resume that looks like every other resume, your originality gets lost in the paper shuffle. You want a hiring manager's eyes to light up and call you in for an interview, not just become just another boring businessperson, to whomever is reading your resume.

The branding expressed in your resume should capture your career identity, authenticity, passion, essence, and image. 

In a resume, branding can be shown through three facets:

  1. The distinctive appearance of your resume, which should be carried through with all your career-marketing documents  - cover letter, business cards, thank-you letters, portfolio, etc... to project a consistent, branded look. 
  2. A message woven throughout your resume that remains consistent and does not contradict the image you want to project. Every word, every bullet point should support the branded message you intend to convey.
  3. Your branding statement should sum up your value proposition, encapsulate and describe the added value you bring to a project, situation or company. Think of it as a sales pitch. 

If it's been several years since you revisited your resume, or if you're one of those lucky people who never needed a resume, you may not be aware of how much resumes have changed in the past several years. Before working on your resume, re-think how to update it, or be smart and hire a resume writer to capture your personal brand. You need to save your time and energy to come up with an elevator pitch and savvy answers to anticipated interview questions. 

When it comes to a job search, you’re the product. Show that you are dedicated and passionate about your field.

  • Write accomplishment statements that highlight the valuable contributions that differentiate you from others

  • Break away from boring and let your enthusiasm shine through in your statements.

  • Create the message that you want to give to your target fields. Magnitize the experience that promotes your brand and minimize your off-brand work history.

  • Make the design of your resume align with your brand identity. Make them understand why they should want to work with and hire YOU!

    Consider yourself as an item on a shelf when job searching, waiting to be pickup up and hired. Do you get excited and proud when reading your resume? And if not, why not? Hiring managers are busy tossing resumes that not only don't meet the criteria, but also doesn't market their skills effectively. 

    Your first job is to sell yourself to a prospective employee. Be creative and blow the competition away by branding your resume.